Great For Imagination

This month saw the launch of a fantastic project, all shot by Ted Humble-Smith and retouched by your's truly on behalf of the UK Government called 'Great For Imagination'.

It is marking the 400th anniversary of the official grant of British patent number one, and the campaign is set to highlight some of the amazing innovations developed in Britain over the last four centuries. Covering everything from film and fashion through to energy and engineering, the campaign will celebrate some brilliant British minds along with those from around the world who have developed their ideas in the UK. 

You can follow @greatforimagination on Instagram and see the images as they are released, with a great little blurb explaining the idea behind the patent and how it has changed the course of history. There will also be links to all the people involved, from stylists to set designers, assistants to sculptors. Here's a little taster to whet your appetite....