Who is Joe Digital?

I started in the photographic industry more than 25 years ago, working in image creation and manipulation with the earliest forms of computer based tools.

I work on all kinds of post production projects, from creative mixed media advertising campaigns to single photographs. Every image that passes through the studio receives the highest possible input to make it the kind of picture that can win awards. My clients include photographers, advertising and design agencies and large multinational corporations. Examples of my work can be seen in the National Portrait Gallery, on TV and book covers, on billboards across the country and in the pages of the best magazines.

I’m not just a ‘one man band’ either. I have a network of very highly skilled operatives that regularly work here and our combined skillset covers multiple disciplines, including postproduction, CGI, proofing, realistic photocomposites and animation.

If you have a project you wish to discuss, please contact us via email or call 07894 098 987 for more information.